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OpenCast is just getting underway and is in the planning stages. Visit the OpenCast project page and this site for details.


The goal of the OpenCast project is to supplant the proprietary voting systems now used in the U.S. and possibly abroad.

Currently Diebold and ES&S, operated by two brothers, collect and count 80% of the votes here in the U.S.. These two companies also contribute large amounts of cash into the coffers of U.S. politicians. Even the least cynical would consider this fact a major conflict of interest.

Political software?

While the thought of political software might be an anathema to some open source advocates, the OpenCast project leaders believe that open source is exactly the right solution for a public voting system. Any public voting system needs to have its source, design and developers available for public scrutiny. That simply is not the case with the two major players in this "market."

In essence, there is a virtual monopoly in the voting arena held by two companies that are secretive and loathe to offer any insight into the way their systems work. Perhaps its time to relegate these secretive companies to the dust heap of failed government-subsidized entities. Let Diebold make ATM software and leave voting to those who have nothing to gain financially by "delivering" states to certain presidential candidates.

The OpenCast project intends to provide a truly open voting system that is accountable to the voters rather than the politicians it is supposed to help elect.